From Moscow with Love.

I travelled to Moscow not knowing what to expect. It was November, so I expected it to be as cold weather-wise as the people I thought I would meet. But no – Moscow delivered excitement above and beyond my expectations. I love Moscow, old and new, and cannot wait to see more of Russia.

A few places I’d put my humble little stamp behind…


Turandot – affluent and opulent Russia, wrapped up in one place. The food isn’t exactly Russian, but there’s nothing to complain about!

Tverskoy b-r, 26А, Moscow, Russia / +7 495 739-00-11

Café Pushkin – cozy, old world, library feel – particularly amazing if it’s a cold season in Moscow. Try the pelemeni. Skip dessert and head to the next door Pushkin patisserie for cake and coffee. Yum!

Tverskoy b-r, 26А, Moscow, Russia / +7 495 739-00-33

Sixty – for a sunset appertivo, or a night cap. Panoramic views and a really cool vibe.

Presnenskaya Emb., 12, Federatsia Tower, 62nd floor, Moscow, Russia / +7 495 653-83-69
O2 Lounge – I’m obviously a sucker for drinks or dinner with a nice view and O2 at the Ritz has some of the best views of the Kremlin and the Red Square.

Tverskaya Street 3, Moscow 125009 Russia / +7 495 225-88-88

Kharcho (Харчо) – little Georgian restaurant, perfect for lunch and full of style. Discovered by pure HUNGRY accident.

1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya St., 7, Moscow 125047, Russia / +7 495 971-15-90


Ritz Carlton Moscow – I don’t usually stay at fancay shmancay chain hotels, but this one is ideally situated and the staff was lovely. Snatch a room with a view of the Kremlin!

Tverskaya Street 3, Moscow 125009 Russia / +7 495 225-88-88

Four Seasons Moscow – situated directly on the Red Square, in a rather historic building. You probably can’t beat the location at all.

2, Okhotny Ryad, Moscow, 109012 / +7 499 277-71-00


Kremlin – You can’t miss it. It’s like a small city within a city. There are churches galore, beautiful inside and out. Museums too. Plus you get a special view of the presidential helipad.

Red Square & Saint Basil – no. words. It’s simply stunning and nobody can deny it.

Bolshoi – catch a ballet, if you’re lucky!

Moscow Metro Stations – they are better than most museums around the world. Ornate and different across the board. Find your favorite.

Moscow’s Financial District – see modern Moscow, albeit it is quite a ghost town, it’s worth a trip to visit Sixty at least!

GUM – get your shopping fix here. Luxurious and centrally located.

Within the Kremlin Turandot sixty Saint Basil Modern Moscow IMG_5893 IMG_5896 Kremlin 1 Kremlin 2 Kremlin 3 IMG_5891 Harcho Cafe Pushkin Saint Basil


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