Expect the Unexpected: Mallorca.

In my blog about Madrid, I promised to follow up with proof that Mallorca is so much more than the Palma Mallorca that we have all seen on telly – you know, with the negative connotations. On landing, only about 20 minutes were spent driving through Palma Mallorca itself (which isn’t ugly, but also not the picturesque scene I am after). From there, we drove directly east to Capdepera – rural, boutique, up and coming.


Cases de Son Barbassa – rural country hotel with more character and style than most hotels in London itself. They make their own olive oil and the restaurant serves dinner that will leave you wanting to stay at the hotel every night. The pool has sweeping views of the countryside that surrounds you. You can opt for outdoor massages near the jacuzzi. LOVE this place.

Cala Mesquida s/n, 07589 Capdepera, Mallorca / +34 971 56 57 76

Son Brull – stunning property mixing the modern with the old country style. One of the few Relais & Chateaux spots on the island. The restaurant is fantastic too – grab an outdoor table and opt for the tasting menu for dinner. Beautiful.

Crta. Palma- Pollença, Mallorca / +34 971 53 53 53

Son Jaumell – Another great rural property full of style, near to the beaches, and with a fantastic restaurant.

Carretera Cala Mesquida, Km 1, 07580 Capdepera, Mallorca / +34 971 81 87 96


As you wish… You’ll spend most of your day on the beach. Much of this side of the island is still to grow, so restaurants are largely touristy types for now. I recommend sticking with the boutique hotels’ restaurants above for the time being. This way you can also check out where you want to stay when you return next time!


There are tons of different beach coves to explore – you can make each day directed towards a new one. Here are a few I recommend (photos below are of Cala Mesquida primarily).

Cala Mesquida – not overpopulated, near one resort so there is some traffic. Amazing mountains / hills for hiking that set a great backdrop to the beach.

Calla Agulla – more populated but sections of it can be quiet. The benefit is there are various small bar huts on the beach – can’t really complain about it!

Canyamel – small beach, with nearby touristy town. Has a nice beach lounge with hammocks, bean bags, etc.

Font De Sa Cala – probably one of the quieter beaches, albeit somewhat of a drive.

There are many many more – find your own and leave a comment with suggestions if you find a cool ‘desert island’ type of beach cove in Mallorca!

There are also some olive oil farm tours further north of Capdepera near to Valdemossa – I didn’t get to visit any of these myself but hope to on a next trip and will report back if I do!

son barbassa pool son brull pollenca son barbassa 4 son barbassa 3 son barbassa 2 cala calla agulla canyamel mallorca horse rural rural mallorca son barbassa 1 cala mesquida cala mesquida 3 cala mesquida 2bye mallorca


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