Visit Dracula: Romania.

Let me admit up front, it wasn’t a dream destination and it wasn’t on my bucket list – but Romania was pretty cool all in all. Bucharest is a fun filled city, after which you can detox out in the mountainous and fresh Transylvania.

If you ever find yourself in Romania, some must-sees are below:


There don’t seem to be any boutique or highly stylish hotels in Bucharest, so I’d recommend the one below or perhaps just sticking with a large big name hotel.

Hotel Époque – boutique, small and cool in a residential area. The restaurant at the hotel is very quaint and serves some great dishes. Try the Romanian wine too – who would have thought?


Caru Cu Bere – a traditional Romanian restaurant in central Bucharest, with fantastic medieval-ish looking decor. A feast at this place is likely to leave you with a satisfying food coma.

Nearby are a few small orthodox churches (photos below) worth taking a look at while walking off the food coma. They’re quaint and interesting!

Palatul Parlamentului – a massive complex which was meant to be a governmental building but now contains various activity centers, including an art space and a rooftop cafe.

Ateneul Roman – the ornate atheneum, in which the ceiling alone is enough to keep your attention for a while. Catch a piano recital!

Peles Castle – the most picturesque castle set amongst mountains in Transylvania. The air is so fresh here and the castle is stunning. Stop off for lunch at the nearby restaurants in the forest – they serve bear meat!?

Rasnov Fortress – medieval fortress which you can climb for views of the surrounding countryside. A tourist attraction offered here is axe throwing – try it out!

Bran Castle – the original castle of Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as Dracula. Quite touristy but a must see if in Romania!

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