Midweek Motivation @ Granger & Co

I’m a huge foodie and, truth be told, I could probably spend a full year just trying to catch up with writing about all of my favourite restaurants in London.

However, as London restaurants come and go, there are still many legacy establishments which I have yet to try. What to do first – keep up with the trends or give the old goodies a go? Granger & Co was one of those untried legacies in my book until this week.

The Notting Hill location doesn’t take bookings (King’s Cross and Clerkenwell do but with serious lead time) and I’m not one for huge queues – I suppose that’s why it took me so long! However, drop by on a weekday evening and it turns out you get seated as fast as a celebrity. šŸ™‚

So what’s to say about the food? Pretty good, not the best but certainly delicious. However, the atmosphere is hard to beat with lively crowds even late into the night hours on a Tuesday – wonderful for those evenings where you just don’t want to go home quite yet!

I hear brunch at Granger is supposed to be one of the best, so I’ll be back and report on that eventually too! Stay tuned.

Granger & Co – 175 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2SB / 020 7229 9111





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