Revisiting Pimlico: Artist Residence

Pimlico is a little bit of an overlooked gem with very few restaurants around what is a very residential neighbourhood. However, what can be said of the minimal number of restaurants in Pimlico is that nearly all are small and wonderful.

Not busy, not rushed and perfect for a slow Sunday cup of coffee or tea with whatever you fancy for breakfast. That’s the perk of an overlooked part of town!

Artist Residence blends right into this mix. It’s a lovely boutique hotel with a cozy and small restaurant – Cambridge Street Cafe. Everything was delicious and it’s another one for your must try brunch list, Londoners.

The space itself deserves a special mention. Its walls are filled with cool art. Downstairs you can lazy away over a long meal in one of the two tucked away rooms. Upstairs you watch the chefs cook or grab a table curb side in the sun. It’s a perfect brunch spot!

Cambridge Street Cafe at Artist Residence – 52 Cambridge Street, London SW1V 4QQ / 0203 262 0501


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