Catwalks & Champagne: London Fashion Week(end)

Let’s talk about something other than food for a bit since this is supposed to be a travel and London lifestyle blog too!

With London Fashion Week just having blazed through the city, I wanted to share a few photos and tips from the LF Weekend event.

I’m guessing that many of you (like me, admittedly) might think there’s no access to a catwalk unless you’re an exec at a fashion house, editor of a magazine, or some lucky soul who somehow managed to swing an invite. Not true. London Fashion Week opens itself up over the weekend to the general public and all you need to do is buy a ticket.

So, is it worth it? Absolutely! The catwalk is a fun experience and you have the option of either seeing high fashion walks or the year ahead in main stream trends. The event also features one of London’s best pop-up shopping events with seriously good pieces up for grabs.

This year it was at the Saatchi Gallery and last year at Somerset House. Perfect settings for a girly weekend event!

London Fashion Weekend – location changes over the years…


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