Be Famous at La Petite Maison

My friends often talk about La Petite Maison and how much they love the place. I had to try it to get into this “LPM lover’s club”.

It’s tucked away in a narrow street in Mayfair, warm, cozy and striking the perfect balance between a formal dining place and a comfortable living room. The door greets you with an inscription saying “tous celebres ici” which means “we are all famous here” and, for me, that’s a pretty nice way to start dinner. I think it’s an underestimated little gem which most London magazines / foodie blogs don’t rave about enough.

Tip is to skip the mains and delve right into the starters. The carpaccio options are really delicious and you can add the French touch with Escargot. LPM’s escargot is actually out of this world, at least in my little non-French book!

Give it a shot, until then… Enjoy the photos!

La Petite Maison – 54 Brooks Mews, London W1K 4EG / 020 7495 4774


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