Perk up the daily grind at Holborn Grind

Time to feature a coffee shop / cafe on this blog. I think London is full of them and more and more of them are becoming seriously trendy… you know, Shoreditch industrial chic or “Bobo” as the French say (I recently learned)!

Holborn Grind is another outpost of the famous Shoreditch Grind at Old Street and the small but lovely Soho Grind just off Kingly Court. I hear there’s another by London Bridge and who knows, maybe even more?

It’s trendy, the food and drinks are deliciously “artisan” and it belong in one of those “London’s best coffee shops” books.

What’s more? It turns into a cocktail bar in the evening all the way to midnight. Oh yeah!

Holborn Grind – 199 High Holborn, London, WC1v 7BD / 020 3693 3400


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